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Designers Guild Orangerie Florals
18 June 2015
Happening Now
Beautiful summery florals for year round beauty. Designers Guild have launched Orangerie -
an edited collection of some of their most beautiful floral digital print fabrics.

The reason we love the digital print process is because it allows for creative dexterity, an unlimited colour palette, and a reproduction
of detail unseen in conventional fabric printing methods. This collection, entitled Orangerie, draws together a spectacular
array of some of Designers Guild's most popular digitally printed fabrics, re-edited in a variety of sensational new colour schemes
keeping up with contemporary trends, or simply reinventing the design in a whole new atmosphere.
Favourite designs like Amrapali, Rugosa, Pandora and Oriana are re-coloured so that you can now choose between the
beautiful original design or the edited version.
Be warned, this may just make the decision making even more difficult.

This collection of florals is printed on a smooth and substantial 100% cotton satin fabric, and in some cases the designs are scaled down, to together
create a renewed versatility for the designs throughout the home. Often fusing real photography with hand-painted artwork,
these designs in this wider-than-possible-before range of colours, are immediately recognisable as signature Designers Guild style,
and as breath-taking as ever.
We think that the scaled down size of the print makes this beautiful edit more usable in
our antipodean homes, where sometimes a larger pattern repeat is uneconomic, and the cotton base cloth makes the price quite friendly too.

See this collection instore now. And for help and inspirational home advice talk to us.
Click here for more about our design services.


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