Happening Now

Feathering Your Winter Nest
7 July 2016
Happening Now

No matter what the season, your home should always be your sanctuary. A place where you just love to hang out, because
it makes you, and your family, feel great. 
In cooler months I can't help but feel romanticised by the idea of cocooning - soft throws and plush rugs
underfoot, mugs of hot soup and glasses of red wine, candlelight, fireside chats, a mountain of comfortable cushions,
a pile of inspiring reading material, and all of those lovely cosy joys that winter brings. How about you?

In winter you have to create a few more sunshine moments than usual. So this season, we want to help you feather your winter nest. 
Our store is full of the best ideas to help you cocoon, cosy up, and create a heartfelt sanctuary at home.
Beautiful bedlinen, layers of comfort, the best selection of plump, feather-filled cushions, ambient signature scent candles, the latest and greatest in 
design and interior books and magazines, tableware, recipes and ideas for winter get-togethers with friends and family.
And of course our beautiful fabrics and furniture, that together will combine to give your home that warm, pull up a chair and stay for a while vibe, that
we all crave and enjoy.

Come for an instore tour soon. Pick up our 'Feathering Your Winter Nest' idea postcards. There is a series for you to collect.
And stay tuned as we introduce some lovely new ideas and merchandise that will feather your nest so beautifully, you just might be tempted to stay there forever!


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