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Easy Easter Crafts - Bunny Treat Cones

Easy Easter Crafts - Bunny Treat Cones

I am seriously finding it hard to keep track of what day it is and not to mention day light saving throwing another spanner in the works! I thought this could be my little reminder to you and myself that Easter is really not that far away. I think we have all had an excuse for chocolate being on the 'essential' shopping list lately but now I can really stock up and no questions will be asked!

Now is the perfect time to start getting prepared and what better way to do it than with a few super easy crafts that will keep you but more importantly the kids busy!

I am sure I'm not the only one guilty of a little more screen time than usual but I must say, I have definitely enjoyed that extra bit of time to discover some fun and exciting new podcasts, blogs, recipes and websites. Which takes me to this gorgeous wee blog called We Are Scout. It is the sweetest creative lifestyle blog put together by Lisa Tilse, it is packed with so many crafty projects and tips and tricks, it is definitely one to check out.


I actually stumbled across Lisa's website via Pinterest (which I have a new found love for, all over again) and that's when I knew I had to share it with you. 

If you head over to the We Are Scout website and filter to Craft + DIY Tutorials you will find so many easy to follow projects to try.

I thought her Easter Bunny Treat Cones were just the cutest and it is such a simple one to do at home with limited supplies. To get straight into it follow me over to Lisa's Blog below,


Lisa has her full step by step guide and even FREE printable downloads to save you any fuss. If like me you don't have a printer at home don't worry it is still super easy to do.

Simply find some fun coloured (or plain) paper to use. I would recommend finding something a little firmer than standard copy paper, maybe some craft card you have lying around or even cut up a few pages in an old magazine like I did.

From here I  basically mimicked the design from Lisa's downloadable and had fun cutting and colouring my bunnies, I made a few different sizes and changed up the colours depending on what paper I had available. Once I had the basic shape and design I rolled them into a cone and secured with sellotape. If you don't have double sided tape like Lisa suggests then just use normal tape or even make it fun with some patterned washi tape if you have some on hand.

What a cute way to gift your Easter eggs this year!

Have fun giving this one a go and remember there are plenty more easy craft ideas over on the We Are Scout website.