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Make Some Linen Napkins

Make Some Linen Napkins

This DIY project is a great way to use up any fabric scraps or remnants. We had this gorgeous Designers Guild floral linen lying around in the Small Acorns store room and it worked perfectly. Any linen or cotton fibre would be great for this project. Why not mix and match a set for yourself or a friend. 

Keep reading below for our super easy instructions.

You will need:
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric shears or any scissors you have that are suitable for cutting fabric
  • Measuring tape or standard ruler
  • Tailors chalk or any sort of light marker 
  • Sewing thread
  • Iron and board

    1. To get started you need to cut your fabric into squares. I have made these napkins 40cm square but feel free to make yours whatever size you like, your size may be dependent on the fabric remnant pieces you are working with. 

    *For frayed napkins like this, it is important to note that the fabric will only fray on the straight grain, these are the yarns that run both vertically and horizontally through your material. This means you want to take extra care to make sure you are cutting perpendicular to the fabrics selvage edge.

    2. Now that your napkins are all cut out you can get fraying! I start at one corner and gently pull the vertical threads away from the intersecting horizontal threads. If you are using a mid-heavy weight linen you should find this quite easy. Pull the threads fully out of the fabric to see your frayed edge starting to appear. Continue along all four edges.

    3. Now that all edges are frayed to your desired length have a look at them to see if they are even. I usually have to trim the odd section straight where my cutting may have been a little off and the fabric has frayed unevenly.

    4. So that your napkins don't continue to fray when they are used and washed we need to sew a row of stitching around the perimetre of each napkin. On my sewing machine I line the edge of my presser foot up with the inside edge of my fraying and use this as a guide to sew an even border. 

    If you don't have a sewing machine you could just roughly hand stitch a row of stitching.

     Easy as that, now you have a set of gorgeous linen napkins! The perfect thing to spruce up any table setting or a quick and easy thoughtful gift idea.

     Experiment with patterned and plain fabrics and mixing and matching them together. 

    Happy making!