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Styling Essentials #1

Style your collections and treasures so that they tell a beautiful story, adding layers of interest within the larger space that is your room.

The secret to a good vignette and to displaying your treasures, (other than practise, practise, practise) is to gather and cluster them into groups that will look good together, and provide a few clear focal points in your room.

Create layers of interest with your displays. Variations in scale and height and texture and shape will visually stimulate the eye.

When you are styling an ottoman or coffee table remember that you need to make sure that your display looks good from all sides, and also from above, as this is the angle that it will often be viewed from. You also don’t want it to look too cluttered or busy.

If you 'frame' things visually with props such as trays, platters or books, it will make it much easier for you to mix diverse or smaller sized objects together so that they make visual sense and your collections will tell a story without looking cluttered.


On our square ottoman we’ve used one of our favourite styling essentials – a round thali tray. Each tray is etched with a timeworn patina, and they are both functional and lovely. Perfect on an ottoman or coffee table with books and collected treasures. Ideal also for indoor plants, your glass of wine or cup of coffee – especially on a fabric ottoman.

We also have a polished version of this same tray.


Too many round things or straight-edged things together, looks a little unbalanced. Adding something round in amongst your stacks of books makes everything feel softer and more harmonious.

Think in odd numbers and triangles. When choosing sizes to group together think of one taller piece at the back, one medium piece to the side, and the smallest in the front. Edit, rearrange, style, move. Play until you feel the display is harmonious and balanced. Remember, always flowers or a plant or snippets of greenery.

Be a little unpredictable. Disparate objects often make the best bedfellows when linked by a display.


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