Amanda Banham Ceramics

Amanda Banham is a potter who lives in Saffron Walden, England. We met virtually on Instagram several years ago when we were both enrolled in the same online course, and were bundled into the same chat forum together. Just as she makes everyone on Instagram laugh with her wonderful story-telling, Amanda made me laugh as we negotiated the joys (or not) of our online course. And so a friendship was born.

Amanda makes small ceramic houses in clay that she then raku fires. The houses were initially based on houses and shops in a street in her small town called Castle Street, which Amanda used to walk down with her daughter Anna. They would peer through the windows and make stories up about the people who lived there. 

If you follow Amanda on Instagram then you will already know how popular her little ceramic houses are. Her monthly online shop sale sells out in minutes, with people the world over scrambling for one of her houses.

And so, how lucky are we to have our very own small village of houses, here at Small Acorns.

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