Emma Kate Co 2021 Planners

2020 hasn’t turned out anything like we had expected, so let’s make 2021 our most beautiful year yet. 
Emma Kate Co Planners are the stuff of urban legend... and big dreams. As Emma would say, this is her fifth year around the sun, chasing her planner dreams.
And this is the fifth year that we've been right alongside her. 
Emma set out to make a planner unlike any other. They're minimal. Beautiful. Spacious. Designed with attention to every detail. And they're trusted by everyone who has been lucky enough to get their hands on one.
These planners are a beautiful container to colour outside the lines, breaking wildly free of ruled lines and half-hourly increments.
2021 introduces even more fresh elements and hidden surprises to make this next planner release extra special. And you can start using your new planner on 7th December, because we know, you just can't wait until January!
And look at the lineup of wonderful planner accessories for you to choose from, and really make the most of your planner for 2021. Pouches, pen loops, pens, sticky notes and so much more!

Emma Kate Co Planners have developed such a cult following, and they always sell out. Which is why we're suggesting that you pre-order yours now, so that you get your choice of all the beautiful colours. Roll on 2021!

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