Made in NZ

It's time to spread the love and buy New Zealand made. This is a small selection of the many beautiful things we carry instore that not only embrace our ethos of only carrying things we absolutely love, but also have their foundation in New Zealand, made by makers who have become our friends, and whose work we are proud to represent.  

Hands on heart, thank you for your support of our small business, which in turn supports so many small New Zealand businesses and makers. Your support is not only keeping us going - it also means the world. 

For a greater selection check out the brand pages of these beautiful items.

George & Edi Perfumed Tea Light Candles | In Bloom Quick shop
Coomey Forage Bowl | Chalk Quick shop
Living Greens Starter Kit Quick shop
Maraca Hand & Body Lotion | Sevillian Neroli Quick shop
Living Greens Seed Pad | Broccoli Quick shop
Katherine Smyth Lilac Tall Vase Quick shop
One Of A Kind Creations | Sea Mist Bangles Quick shop
Lettuce + Juliette Hogan Puzzle | Dark Bouquet Quick shop
Amberjack Candle | Black Rose & Oud Quick shop
Living Greens Harvesting Shears Quick shop
Natures Lab Lavender Body Scrub Quick shop
Katherine Smyth Icecream Bowl | Licorice Quick shop
George & Edi Perfumed Candle | Liquorice Quick shop
Ashley & Co WashUp Botanical Hand Wash | Once Upon & Time Quick shop
One Of A Kind Creations | Sky Blue Tumbler Quick shop