Happening Now

INSTORE NOW Bonnie And Neil Showcase
8 September 2016
Happening Now

I know that amongst all the loveliness that is Small Acorns, I get to work and play with some of the most exciting, most beautiful, most creative and most special brands out there in the world of interiors and design. Some of them are big, and many of them are small.

What they all have in common, aside from the criteria that we love them, is always that certain, special something, a uniqueness, and an authenticity, a realness, and a personality. And when you come across a range that has all this and more, it truly is beyond exciting. Even better when that talent is homegrown - or at least half of it is! So it is with great excitement that we're currently showcasing the beautiful, florabundant world of kiwi expats Bonnie and Neil here at Small Acorns with our own little store within the store.

Oh yes, they may live in Melbourne now, and along with pavlova, those Aussies may claim them as their own, but, as the saying goes, you can take the girl out of Southland, but you can't take Southland out of the girl, and Bonnie still rolls those rrrr's like the best of them. She's a kiwi through and through. And Neil, well he's originally from Scotland, so that counts down south too doesn't it?!

Alongside their range of vibrant screen printed cushions, homeware and soft furnishings, that you've come to know and love, we simply cannot wait to show you Bonnie and Neil's stunning new bed linen ranges and furniture.

The bed linen is digitally screen printed on beautiful pure cotton and cotton velvet, and is available as both queen and king size duvet covers, with a range of pillowcases and euros sold as separates to mix and match florabundantly across your bedroom.


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