Happening Now

The 2017 Small Acorns Peg Doll Competition
18 April 2017
Happening Now

UPDATE: 20 JUNE 2017 Hello everyone! We have some wonderful entries in this year's peg doll competition, and we can't wait to show you all soon. Stay tuned for the finalists and voting! We realise that this part of the competition is behind schedule, due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Not long now!

They're back!! After a two year hiatus, we've decided that in honour of Small Acorn's 25th Birthday, that it's time for our ever so popular Peg Doll Competition. Remember how much fun we all had? Well now it's your chance to do it all again. The 2017 Peg Doll Competition is here, just in time for a little school holiday fun.

It's time to create your entry for 2017, and we can't wait to see what you come up with! Entry is open for all ages, young and as young as you feel - show us your peg doll design talents and you could win some fantastic prizes.

And thanks to the amazing generosity  and enthusiasm of some of our Peg Doll Competition partners, we have some very very special prizes for you to win this year. Our prize pool includes beautiful and desirable pieces from Designers Guild, Castle and Things, Seneca, Ashley & Co, Emma Kate Co, Real World, Bonnie and Neil, Meri Meri, Djeco, Small Acorns and Katherine Smyth. Thank you so much to these suppliers for their support.

Once again we'll be displaying all the peg dolls in our store window so that everyone gets to see how wonderful they all are. And we'll create galleries on our facebook page too. The whole world needs to see these creations!

Having a bad day? I tell you, stand outside our peg doll window and the clouds will lift. A sweet peg doll cannot fail to put a little happiness in your step.

Last time there were horses and dinosaurs and minions and superheroes and opera singers and ballet dancers and fairy princesses and Princess Kate and baby Prince George and a fire-breathing dragon and clowns and All Blacks and singers and rock bands and spies and the Wizard of Oz and Travelling Gypsies, more superheroes and bunnies and cupcakes and witches and bearded explorers and cowboys and Indians and the Lone Ranger and Tonto and Silver and balloon sellers and disco dancers and octo-pegs and pastry chefs and nurses and pirates and flower fairies and an ice skater and the Swiss Guards and even the Pope. Whew!

It's easy and it's so much fun. You can pick up naked peg dolls FREE of charge instore. If you live outside of Wellington you can find plain wooden pegs easily at craft stores, your local '$2' shop, or Spotlight. School classes - yes, once again, we'd love to have you enter, and this year we have a special extra prize just for your class to win, plus of course you'll all still be eligible for the individual prizes too.

There will be two junior winners - an overall winner as judged by our special guest judge, and a 'people's choice junior winner' as voted by you and our customers. Plus, if you also enter as a school or pre-school class, we have a special prize which you can win for your school library.

And for the grown-up entries, we will have one 'grown-up' winner who will win a Small Acorns Prize Pack. And we have some extra special lucky dip surprise prizes just for you too.

And after the competition is over, we're happy to return your creations, providing you send us a stamped addressed envelope with your entry.


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