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The Low Down on Linen Bedlinen
19 July 2016
The Low Down on Linen Bedlinen

There is something about beautiful linen bedding. The texture, which is both a little rough and soft at the same time. It breathes so beautifully, so is wonderful to sleep in on sticky summer nights, but is equal parts cosy when nights are cooler. You can easily see why linen sheets were, and still are, often passed from generation to generation as an heirloom. I truly think that once you are used to sleeping in linen bedlinen, you will probably not want to sleep in anything else.

Thinking about linen bedlinen but unsure about the differences between all of the options out there?Many of our clients feel the same. With linen being the duvet du jour, everyone but everyone has now jumped on the linen bandwagon. And let's face it, not all linen is created equal. I've tried to answer the questions we get asked daily over on perfectly imperfect living. Hopefully this will reassure you when it comes to making your bedlinen decisions.

And for truly beautiful linen bedlinen, our Vida and Vida Moda linen is the answer to sweet dreams!

Perfectly Imperfect Living
9 May 2016
Perfectly Imperfect Living

Hi there Small Acorns friends, it's Amanda here. For some time now I've been working quietly on a new idea, and it is with both excitement and a little nervousness that I'd like to introduce you to Perfectly Imperfect Living - my new website and blog. All about living a perfectly imperfect flower strewn life in colour.

I believe that the best interiors are perfectly imperfect - rooms with soul and spaces brought to life with a lovingly collected mix of contemporary modern and vintage, chippy old and neat as a pin new, saved for high end pieces mixed with canny budget finds, cherished heirlooms and make do hand me downs, the restyled, the up cycled, contemporary with vintage, mixed with colour, pattern, flowers and a touch of whimsy.

There is so much beauty in imperfection – too often we strive for the perfect, the impossible; what is more important is a home with soul, that tells the story of those who live there and the things that they love. I hope you'll join me on this journey. Sign up for my perfectly imperfect decorating style and I'll send you a FREE download of my e-guide "Five Ideas To Style A Perfectly Imperfect Home", and you'll find lots more inspiring tips and ideas on the new website. For daily inspiration, check out Facebook and Instagram.

And let me know what you think! I'd truly love to hear from you. Amanda x

Ice Cream Sun-Daze
6 January 2015
Ice Cream Sun-Daze
An abundance of summer fruit must be one of the great joys of life. Especially deliciously sweet berries - strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries - I love them all.
And, as is the way of summer living and holidays, I love a little dessert a little too often for my own good. A firm favourite, especially with all these berries, is my tried and true version of Annabel Langbein's ice cream. Aghhh, I hear you cry, too hard, I don't have an ice cream maker. None needed - just a good beater and 3 bowls. Try it and you shall see!
This recipe is the 'fancy' version - more often, and because I have a little fad in the family who is not a pistachio fan, the key flavours are simply the lemon zest, the raspberry jam, and whatever berries are on hand. Ice cream sun-daze indeed!