Quotable Pencil Bundle

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Writing the next great novel or just your to-do list, sketching, dreaming and scheming - everything becomes more inspiring when you jot it down with one of our sweet quotable pencils.

The quotes are Small Acorns favourites, and the five pencils will be selected from the following quotes -

live what you love (black pencil)
collect beautiful moments (white pencil)
throw kindness around like confetti (pink pencil)
enjoy the little things (natural pencil)
creativity takes courage (natural pencil)
do small things with great love (black pencil)
do more of what makes you happy (jade pencil)
big things often have small beginnings (natural pencil)
there's beauty in imperfection (pink pencil)
what is done in love is done well (black pencil)

Give one to each of your friends or keep them for your own inspired life.
If there is a quote that you cannot live without in your pencil bundle, or if you'd like a specific mix, or a bundle all of the same quote, let us know in the 'comments' section at checkout and we'll put together a bundle just for you!

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