Small Acorns Scented Candle ~ Juicy French Pear

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The perfect gift for a friend or an indulgent treat to unwind. Candles instantly bring a relaxing ambience to any room. Our NZ made candles are of the highest quality and carefully handcrafted using timeless methods, exquisite fragrances and only the finest natural ingredients and all natural lead-free cotton wicks, all of which encourage a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant.

So we used the thesaurus & looked up juicy, and this is what it said: scandalous, titillating, exciting, salacious and racy. All this, and it smells good too!

With proper care, our Small Acorns candles burn for 60+ hours. Here are a few tips for safely prolonging the life of your candles. The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time. Each time before lighting your candle, trim the wick. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and also avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass. Keeping your candle away from a draft also helps it to burn more slowly. After blowing out your candle, re-centre and straighten the wick. The glass candle container is also completely re-useable after your candle has burned. Simply wash it out with soapy water and re-use and re-cycle.
• 60 plus hours burn time
• 100% natural soy wax
• re-useable glass container with a lid
• dimensions approx 120mm x 90mm

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