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INSTORE NOW Feathering Your Nest
7 August 2016
INSTORE NOW Feathering Your Nest

No matter what the season, your home should always be your sanctuary. A place where you just love to hang out, because
it makes you, and your family, feel great. 
In cooler months I can't help but feel romanticised by the idea of cocooning - soft throws and plush rugs
underfoot, mugs of hot soup and glasses of red wine, candlelight, fireside chats, a mountain of comfortable cushions,
a pile of inspiring reading material, and all of those lovely cosy joys that winter brings. How about you?

In winter you have to create a few more sunshine moments than usual. So this season, we want to help you feather your winter nest. 
Our store is full of the best ideas to help you cocoon, cosy up, and create a heartfelt sanctuary at home.
Beautiful bedlinen, layers of comfort, the best selection of plump, feather-filled cushions, ambient signature scent candles, the latest and greatest in 
design and interior books and magazines, tableware, recipes and ideas for winter get-togethers with friends and family.
And of course our beautiful fabrics and furniture, that together will combine to give your home that warm, pull up a chair and stay for a while vibe, that
we all crave and enjoy.

Come for an instore tour soon. Pick up our 'Feathering Your Winter Nest' idea postcards. There is a series for you to collect.
And stay tuned as we introduce some lovely new ideas and merchandise that will feather your nest so beautifully, you just might be tempted to stay there forever!

INSTORE NOW New Ahoy Trader Tiles & Crosses
7 July 2016
INSTORE NOW New Ahoy Trader Tiles & Crosses

Jai Vasicek's beautiful crosses & wall tiles for Ahoy Trader look stunning hung as a grouping. But, one single tile or cross looks equally stylish and beautiful when given solo billing on your wall. I really love the juxtaposition of small tile versus big wall - just remember to hang it off centre and not too high! The new season Ancouer collection features a mix of jubilant colour with soft pieces to add balance and calm. Splashes of paint amongst Jai's signature style imagery & the raw textures of resins, plaster and grouting bring every piece to life, making them a truly unique style statement. We have a selection of smaller pieces available online, and bigger or one off pieces available instore. 

PLAY & WIN! Over $3500 worth of goodies to BE WON!
16 June 2016
PLAY & WIN! Over $3500 worth of goodies to BE WON!

Let's play 'WHAT'S YOUR LUCKY NUMBER?'!! Simply spend $49 or more instore or online at Small Acorns, and you'll be asked to pick your lucky number from the tiles on the wall. Behind each one is a prize! We have over $3500 worth of fabulous prize goodies to GIVE AWAY. Everyone's a winner because we'll be replenishing the prizes every day until July 1st. Candles, bedlinen, cushions, Castle, Designers Guild, Bonnie & Neil, fabulous books, magazines and lots lots more! Yay!!! Come and play! Because who doesn't love to win something for (almost) nothing! xx
PS When you shop online, pick a lucky number between 1 & 20 and write it in the comments box. We'll send your prize with your online shopping.

INSTORE NOW New Designers Guild Fabric Collections
7 April 2016
INSTORE NOW New Designers Guild Fabric Collections
Introducing a ravishing new collection inspired by the glamour and elegance of Parisian Haute Couture from the early 50’s. This was the era when fashion took on a whole new dynamic - with glamorous fabrics such as silk, brocade and taffeta, flamboyant floral and botanical designs, exotic coloration and a play with grand scale - all which signified a radical departure from the austerity of the post war years.

Discover two sides to the collection that evoke the spirit of this inspiration - fabulous prints that are unashamedly floral, combined with the most beautiful weaves from cool textures to sumptuous velvets. The Couture Rose collection is unashamedly floral and exquisitely drawn and coloured. Classical botanical paintings and abundant flowers are interpreted in the signature Designers Guild way, and printed on a variety of cotton and linen basecloths with a freshness and clarity of colour.

Sitting alongside the new prints are beautiful chunky textured linens for upholstery in over 60 different colourways, the hard-wearing but ravishing Riveau, a tweedy soft chenille in 80 different colourways, and the amazingly beautiful Colonnade textured cut velvets and linen based weaves. Together these give you so many options for beautiful upholstery and soft furnishings. And if you think that Designers Guild is only about bright colour, think again. These fabrics are available in colourways from the palest of the pale through to darkest graphite and charcoal, and all colours of the spectrum in between. Also check out the new Greycloth collection, a destination collection for lovers of greys and neutrals which includes velvets, weaves and jacquards.

Let us take you on a guided tour. See the collection online here, or visit us instore to see our instore swatchbook library.

INSTORE NOW New Castle Bedlinen & Art Teatowels
20 February 2016
INSTORE NOW New Castle Bedlinen & Art Teatowels
Sydney-based designer, artist & polka-dot queen, Rachel Castle brings much colour & joy into our lives here at Small Acorns. 

We are so excited and happy to bring the sunshine happy feeling of her CASTLE cushions & bedlinen & affordable art teatowels exclusively to New Zealand for our Small Acorns fans. 
After all, the quickest, easiest and most luxe way to reinvent, makeover & uplift your room in a heartbeat is to add some colourful textiles.
Especially some of Rachel's gorgeous bedlinen in her signature spots, flowers and diagonal stripes, her new luxe dove grey linen, and for the young at heart, her big heart duvet covers.
All uber-mixers in the world of bedlinen we promise!

Cottons, linens and velvets, the more the merrier is how Castle sees things. 
CASTLE loves being at home and it loves colour and whimsy. 
CASTLE bedlinens always have a little pop of energy without taking themselves too seriously.  

We love to mix our Castle pillowcases. Spots with flowers in the same colour palette, the new linens, a mix of cotton and velvet, or a total mix of colour and pattern. Choose the look that works for you and start your pillowcase collection around it. 
And don't forget a penny round cushion or two...or three. (Believe me, they're quite addictive!) 
The cutest little round cushion ever, in luscious, go with anything colours, and available in both velvet and the new cotton knit. 
Perfectly sized to pop onto a dining chair, or add it to your bed or sofa. 
A bit of fun is just the CASTLE ticket!

INSTORE NOW The Beach People 'Roundie' Beach Towels
19 November 2015
INSTORE NOW The Beach People 'Roundie' Beach Towels

The Beach People was founded in the Summer of 2013 by sisters Emma and Victoria. Along with their families and friends they are The Beach People, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia. They are the creators of the original 'roundie', the huge round beach towel that took the world, and social media by storm. After a sell out first summer, The Beach People is now a growing community of like minded sea lovers around the globe. The Beach People are makers of luxe sea essentials, designed to bring bliss to your sea adventures.

So, it is with great pleasure that we can now introduce you to The Beach People here at Small Acorns. Because if, like us, you've been falling over yourselves to have your very own original 'roundie', now you can. The Beach People's beautiful new collection has arrived instore.

These over-sized roundie beach towels are 150cm in diameter, perfect for 2 people to sit on the beach on a summery sunny day and as a blanket to wrap around to stay warm on a chilly day. A must-have accessory for any season. Each roundie has two sides, a luxe velour for relaxing and an absorbent terry for drying off.

This collection was inspired by seas near and far; from the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea comes 'The Santorini', from the aqua waters of the Mexican coast we bring you 'The Tulum', from the sister's favourite local spot at Fingal Head, NSW comes 'The Dreamtime', plus best sellers from the original collection, 'The Aztec' and 'The Majorelle' are back for Season 2.

These towels are designed to whisk you off to these faraway locations in your mind and are the perfect companions for your next seaside adventure. See them all here...

(Photography by Ali Mitton)

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
25 September 2015
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

We think Spring is the perfect season for a mini makeover in the bedroom.
And what could be nicer than some beautiful new bedlinen?
We have some simply stunning bedlinen instore, both pure cotton and pure linen.

This month, when you spend $500 across our bedlinen ranges,
we'll give you a beautiful, 100% luxe cotton fitted sheet
in either Queen or King size, AND a $50 gift voucher* for you to spend as you please instore.

Crisp yet soft, the beautiful Vida Linen bedlinen range is made from luxurious quality stonewashed organic linen that looks
effortlessly chic while being soft and inviting and creating a relaxed haven in your bedroom.
Known for its eco-friendly properties, stonewashed linen is a must-have for those who treasure a good nights sleep and value high quality bed linens.

Once you have experienced the pleasure of sleeping in soft, inviting linen, nothing else will feel quite the same...It is simply pure bliss!

Rachel Castle has also added some beautiful pure linen to her bedlinen collection.
Rachel mixes her stunning soft grey linen with screen-printed pillowcases in rust, charcoal or white spot, as pictured.

The beauty with linen, is that the more you wash it, the softer it becomes, and the slightly crushed, casual look of linen only adds to its appeal.

And of course, when it comes to colour, there is nothing quite like Castle cotton for a glorious mix of pattern and colour, both sophisticated and fun.
Castle loves crisp white bedlinen, mixed with a big pop of colour and pattern. Cottons and velvets, the more the merrier.
Castle loves being at home and it loves colour and whimsy.
Castle bedlinens always have a little pop of energy without taking themselves too seriously.

So, celebrate spring, and makeover your bedroom now.

Shop all our bedlinen ranges here...

*You must spend $500 or more and be a current member of the Small Acorns Essentials Club to qualify for your $50 gift voucher.

Introducing Emma Kate Co
20 August 2015
Introducing Emma Kate Co

Drenched in tales of travel, love and adventure,
the Wild Hearts collection is for the
dream seekers » dream catchers » dream weavers....

Emma Kate Co is
a stationery + lifestyle brand, blog, and love story between words, images + play.

With heart-crafted brush strokes + splashes of bright colour,
Emma Kate creates F R E S H, one-of-a-kind-designs that capture smiles + imaginations.

With her lighthearted and whimsical designs, Emma Kate is in the business of making days all over the planet – for customers, virtual visitors, creative clients, and everyone in between. With heart-crafted brush strokes and splashes of bright colour, her fresh, one-of-a-kind works inspire unbridled freedom, unabashed love, and unforgettable kindness. When not tapping away on her laptop, you can most likely Emma brunching, or cross-legged + barefoot on a plane, daydreaming about how deep down, she really wished she lived in Paris.

Inspired by the textiles of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, flea markets of Amsterdam
and Australian botanicals from her Grandfather’s garden, Emma Kate’s
collection is for curious wayfarers and chasers of the sun; for those
who wander freely, adventure wildly, and love with abandon.

With pastel-soaked brush strokes and a clean palette of dark navy,
mint green, rustic linen and rose gold foil, the Emma Kate Co range of beautiful A4 sized art prints, greeting cards,
sweet gift tags and stunning double-sided gift wrap has been
printed in Australia on environmentally responsible, carbon neutral art stock. These are beautiful paper goods that will inspire adventure, engage, connect and encourage snail mail, simply because Emma Kate's work inspires -

Sudden smiles.
Days, made.
Happy, comfy sighs.
Compassion, brought into sharp focus.
Long overdue, i-miss-you phone calls.

You'll love it as much as we do.

Shop Emma Kate Co art prints and a selection of her cards here.
More designs, gift tags and wrap available instore.

Stunning New Bonnie and Neil Cushions
18 June 2015
Stunning New Bonnie and Neil Cushions

It’s been a big year for Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie, the talented duo behind Bonnie and Neil. The pair have just moved into a brand new studio in Brunswick, Melbourne, which brings with it some exciting opportunities, with more space for production, and space for a showroom, they have a new puppy, and they've also recently got married!
With a Melbourne base, many presume that Bonnie and Neil are both Australian. However, I'm pleased to note that Bonnie still has that Southland 'burr' that gives away her true origins as a kiwi who hails from Gore originally! And Neil's Scottish accent is also still going strong.

And of course, they continue to delight with their stunning handmade homewares and soft furnishings in the boldest of prints and patterns. Bonnie and Neil's latest collection is 'Winter Garden' - a range of cushions, table linen, timber and ceramic homewares inspired by historical conservatory gardens, with their tiled floors, ornate glass ceilings and lush plant life. The collection brings together deep jewel tones of emerald, indigo and blue, with mustard, black and of course pink! Bonnie's trademark penchant for gorgeous trims and braids which add that extra wow factor to her cushions is also well in evidence.

See some of the Bonnie and Neil collection online here, with a larger selection instore now.

Sally Campbell Vintage Quilts
5 March 2015
Sally Campbell Vintage Quilts

Sally Campbell breathes new life in to vintage fabrics. Patched collages, layer upon layer of running stitches and delicate embroideries on the softest handwoven cottons. Sally's desire is to create beautiful, handcrafted textiles and give them a contemporary edge to suit modern environments. All her quilts and throws are either 'hand-dyed', 'hand-stitched', 'hand-woven' or 'hand block-printed', and often a mix of all these craft techniques. Unlike machine-made products, they fade naturally, and imperfections are part of their beauty, charm and uniqueness. The result is a perfectly imperfect, one-off exquisite throw.

Sally travels to many remote communities, working closely with the artisans. Different areas in India specialise in different crafts - women who create exquisite applique work in the desert near Pakistan, natural dye block printers in Rajasthan, village weavers in Bengal and Hyderabad, and women who do intricate hand embroidery in Lucknow. Like other Western designers working in India, her aim is to keep these ancient crafts alive as we compete with the manic rush to modernisation.

Sally Campbell vintage throws are made from vintage cotton saris. A Krishna devotee from Bengal collects them for Sally all year round. There are at least five saris used to make each throw. Many days are spent sorting the saris into patterns and colours that will each compliment the other for the front and reverse, while some are destined purely as inner padding to give weight and comfort. Then the five layers are stitched together by local village women to create a deliciously soft quilt. Not only are the amazing handcraft skills kept alive, but this practice sustains many, many villagers. And, as anyone who has experienced the chaotic yet humble and beautiful cacophony that is India will understand, co-ordinating all these steps in the making of each throw sounds simple, but actually requires the skills of a master conductor.

(image of Mark & Louella Tuckey's home by Sean Fennessy for The Design Files featuring Sally Campbell vintage quilt on the bed.)

(image of Mark & Louella Tuckey's home by Sean Fennessy for The Design Files featuring Sally Campbell vintage quilt on the bed.)

We have several stunning examples of Sally's vintage quilts instore now. Beautiful in bedrooms or living rooms, each adds that special look and feel to your room that can only be achieved by a one-off unique textile piece. The size of each quilt is approximately 220cm x 150cm.

Ahoy there!
12 February 2015
Ahoy there!
In-demand, on-trend and constantly evolving, Jai Vasicek is currently one of Australia's most exciting and collectable designers. And we have been hanging out ever so patiently for the launch of his Ahoy Trader 'Mahana' collection, which is now instore.

With a childhood spent sailing the world aboard his family's boat 'Malachi', the ocean runs in Jai's veins and is a constant source of his creativity. His work draws inspiration from numerous cultures, and bridges boundaries between class in and modern art and design, with stunning artworks, murals, paintings and textiles, that evoke the beauty and passion of life and nature. Jai is currently based in Byron Bay.

His designs feature vibrant colour with layers of print and patterns inspired by sea and forest, with exotic creatures, feather and shell adornments, bold motifs, religious iconography and evocative female forms from polynesian beauties to ocean sirens. Splashes of neon and bright colours and the raw textures of resins, plaster and grouting bring every piece to life, making them a truly unique style statement.

Jai's colourful crosses and wall tiles have become highly sought after, with an eclectic and expressive character that allows them to be displayed in groups or used as stand alone decor pieces. These beautiful signature pieces are now instore in limited quantities. By their handmade nature, each piece is unique and one of a kind, even if the motif is repeated. The attention to detail of each piece naturally draws you in.

These wonderful pieces are currently available instore only. If you live out side of Wellington, please call us on 0800 22 67 67 and we'd be ever so happy to help you to choose one.

Watch Our Wallpaper Makeover Video
9 November 2014
Watch Our Wallpaper Makeover Video

Wallpaper is such a great way to instantly transform a room. It might be quietly subtle, or dynamic and bold. From an understated shaded stripe to a a refined contemporary stippled block print, a vintage leaf print, a delicate brushwork plain, or a beautiful painterly floral, all create harmonious moods and are designed to offer a truly exceptional backdrop in your home. An easy opportunity to add a textural layer of colour and/or pattern, and providing unsurpassed wow factor for relatively little outlay.

Recently we created a little ripple of drama when we changed one of our long term favourite store papers. Oh life is full of difficult decisions sometimes! Which beautiful paper should we choose to replace the beautiful paper that was in place? We deliberately chose one of the wonderful new blockprints from the Designers Guild Surabaya wallpaper collection. Our previous paper was in the 'wallpaper as art' category. This time we wanted to choose a paper that could be a backdrop to art or whatever we choose to hang on it. And that truly is the beauty of this new paper. It quietly adds another layer of texture and colour and pattern, while accenting everything else around it. See the transformation in our video below.


Small Acorns wallpaper mini-makeover. from Amanda on Vimeo.

You can see more images of the results on our blog here. We have literally hundreds of wallpaper options and ideas instore. Chat about your wallpaper ideas with one of any one of our team. We can help you choose the right paper for your space, and work out how much you will need. If you're in Wellington we can even provide you with the services of the lovely Peter, our paperer extraordinaire!

Amanda x

A New Fragrance For Spring
8 September 2014
A New Fragrance For Spring

Our bespoke Small Acorns candles have developed a loyal fan base ever since we introduced them and for good reason. All the joy and beauty of similar high-end imported candles, but at half the price. As our customers constantly tell us, they don't feel guilty burning these candles, and let's face it, when you have a beautiful candle, you really want to light it and enjoy it, not just look at it.

The perfect gift for a friend or an indulgent treat to unwind. Candles instantly bring a relaxing ambience to any room. Our NZ made soy-based candles are of the highest quality and carefully handcrafted using timeless methods, exquisite fragrances and only the finest natural ingredients and all natural lead-free cotton wicks, all of which encourage a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant.

And with spring well and truly in the air, we thought this the perfect time to introduce you to our beautiful new Mille Fleurs candle. As the name implies, this is the fragrance of a thousand flowers - you'll remember it as the fragrance of your most sentimental bunch of flowers, or of picking flowers from your grandmother's garden, or of hours spent making daisy chains. This is the scent of summer peppered with romance and warmth and love. The garden at its most beautiful.


With proper care, our Small Acorns candles burn for 60+ hours. Here are a few tips for safely prolonging the life of your candles. The first time you light your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours, until the whole top is liquid with wax. This will help your candle burn more evenly the next time. Each time before lighting your candle, trim the wick. By shortening the wick you allow it to burn more slowly and also avoid unsightly black smoke marks around the edge of the glass. Keeping your candle away from a draft also helps it to burn more slowly. After blowing out your candle, re-centre and straighten the wick. The glass candle container is also completely re-useable after your candle has burned. Simply wash it out with soapy water and re-use and re-cycle.

Mille Fleurs, and our other favourite candles are available both instore and online.

Stunning New Bonnie and Neil Cushions
14 July 2014
Stunning New Bonnie and Neil Cushions
On a recent visit to Melbourne I was lucky enough to visit the Brunswick studio of design duo Bonnie and Neil. The first of their amazing hand screen printed cushions have just arrived instore, with more goodness, including their about to be launched bedlinen, yet to come! Yes, it is easy to get carried away in the presence of such fabulous textiles.
Based in Melbourne, many presume that Bonnie and Neil are both Australian. However, I'm pleased to note that Bonnie still has that Southland 'burr' that gives away her true origins as a kiwi who hails from Gore originally! And Neil's Scottish accent is also still going strong.

For Bonnie and Neil, patterns and colours inspired by Pacific Island culture is a consistent source of inspiration, and was front of mind again for the development of their latest collection, Archipelago.  ‘We stayed with the South Pacific as a source of inspiration, however this latest range also references the age of exploration, undiscovered lands, rain forests and other wildlife’ explains Bonnie. And with her love of colour, and the inherent beauty of a one-off screen printed cushion, the combination is both visually and texturally stunning.

See some of the Bonnie and Neil collection online here, with a larger selection instore now.

Need a little warmth underfoot?
26 June 2014
Need a little warmth underfoot?

We adore the luxe layered look that a beautiful rug adds to a room, and if ever there is a season where rugs come into their own it is winter. That extra layer of texture and warmth instantly cosies up a space. Is there anything nicer than the sensation of stepping on to a soft, warm floor rug, especially on a cooler morning? Chosen carefully, a beautiful rug will not only add the comfort factor, but it will soften the harder edges of a polished wood or concrete floor, and add another layer of texture, colour and perhaps pattern to your space.

Designers Guild have a beautiful range of floor rugs to complement and co-ordinate with your room. Most are available in two sizes (160cm x 260cm and 200cm x 300cm). Textures vary from gorgeous deep, lustrous piles to natural woven textures in New Zealand wool, viscose, viscose rayon, cotton and silk. Colours can be bold, tie-dyed, or deep tufted Berbers and natural shades. They can bring theatre and focus to your room, or harmonise and play it down. The choice is yours. All are unique, innovative and of the highest quality.


A study in tone on tone. Makrana, a beautiful deep pile, tufted Berber-style wool rug is layered with the lustrous softly ombre'd Eberson viscose rayon rug.


Eberson Aqua adds softness and comfort to this stunning bedroom.

See the whole collection here and look forward to more comfort in your life!

love mae...pleasure to meet you, charmed, I'm sure!
23 February 2014
love mae...pleasure to meet you, charmed, I'm sure!

We've been totally charmed by the gorgeous aesthetic and ever so sweet designs of Love Mae wall stickers since we first laid eyes on them. Love Mae's delightful FABRIC wall stickers are lovingly designed with the finer details in mind. These gorgeous decals can be applied to any smooth surface. If you change your mind you can whip the decals off neatly and move them around as much as you like. Perfect for rental homes needing a little something special or for the creative types who love to rearrange their space.
Not only are they kind to your walls! But also your notebook. Or your laptop. Or wherever you'd like to pretty up your space.

This makes decorating ever so easy. Love Mae wall stickers add just the right amount of whimsy to any room, and are available in both large and super cute mini size.
Of course they are perfect for children's rooms but this doesn't mean they are just for children.
This helps explain the large number of 'grownups' who can't help but play with the mae dress up dolls!


See the range of Love Mae  stickers here...

Everyone Should Have A Special Blabla Friend
29 October 2013
Everyone Should Have A Special Blabla Friend

Designed with love in America by Florence Wetterwald, and handmade with patience by artisans in Peru, blabla hand-knitted dolls have been bringing children all over the world happiness since 2001.
Each soft little creation is crafted with skill and thoughtful details which make each one precious and unique.
With Florence's poetic, simple and vibrant style, and the ancestral knowledge and skill of the artisan knitters in Peru, blabla is a collection of well-loved characters who look contemporary, yet feel like old friends.
Committed to fair trade and sustainability, the blabla mission is to continue to inspire joy and laughter.

The sweet animal rattles are perfect for even the tiniest of hands to hold, and the bigger knitted dolls are destined to become constant companions for children young and old.

blabla - created with love - made by hand

See all our gorgeous blabla friends here...

blabla rattles

Designers Guild Bedlinen Is Back!
12 September 2013
Designers Guild Bedlinen Is Back!

When it comes to beautiful bedrooms, and beautiful bedlinen, Designers Guild has always set the bar high,
with bedlinen and textiles to help you create a stunning haven.

We are so excited to be able to share the news, at last, that Designers Guild
bedlinen is back instore here at Small Acorns.
Not only do we have some beautiful new designs for you to fall in love with,
and some classic favourites too, but for us anyway,  the best news is that we can now bring
you these designs at a fabulous new lower price, that we know represents amazing value for stunning designer bedlinen.
Fabulous designs, luxury quality 100% cotton, and New Zealand & Australian sizing, at a great price.
We think you'll be just as excited!

To celebrate, we're offering a special gift with purchase (while stocks last).
Purchase any Designers Guild duvet set this month, and we'll give you a super luxe Designers Guild Olsson or Saraille hand towel,
in your choice of colour, FREE of charge.

Our styling tip: Allow beautiful bedlinen such as this to be the 'hero' in your bedroom. Keep other patterns simple, and colours toned so that you keep your space serene and calm.

See the stunning Designers Guild bedlinen here now...

Orla Kiely New Season
15 August 2013
Orla Kiely New Season

A new season delivery from Orla Kiely always gets the Small Acorns team excited.
And this season is no exception, although I would have to say that it isn't often that we down tools, and stop everything in order to have a mass team try on - of the same dress, which is what happened as soon as the courier left and we opened up our boxes.
Well it certainly got everyone talking on facebook and instagram!
The latest collection is very Mad Men. A chic 60's typing pool at its most hip. Orla's classic linear stem print is reinterpreted in a fabulous colour palette of slate, moss green and dusky grey
and the Sunset Flora daisy print is most definitely fresh as a daisy.

See the complete range of new season bags, accessories and selected clothing instore now.

Some of the new season accessories collection is also online, and keep checking our sale section for some past season bargains.

typing pool

Sweet 'Sweet William'
17 June 2013
Sweet 'Sweet William'

Have we told you before how much we love Sweet William?
These lovely art prints are the creation of Melbourne based artist Paula Mills, and they speak volumes about fun times & family life.
We think these super-sweet creations are the perfect pick-me-up for any room - beautifully drawn
and illustrated, warm, at times wise, and priced so that they won't break the bank.
Some of the prints are perfect in children's rooms or even as a gift for a new baby, while others will appeal to anyone who loves a little colour in their life (and who doesn't!).
Paula's global aesthetic and love of flowers and all things vintage is apparent in each lovely illustration.
Sized to frame easily in an off-the-shelf A4 frame, or use them as we do, on a clipboard or taped up with washi tape.

See the Sweet William art collection here...

Small Acorns Scented Candles
4 April 2013
Small Acorns Scented Candles

The changing of the seasons... time to turn the focus of your home inwards, creating warmth and layers of cosy ambience.
Candlelight guarantees atmosphere.
That gentle flame and the play of shadows and ambient light, and delicious enveloping fragrance.
So the arrival this week of our beautiful Small Acorns scented candle range couldn't be timed better.
These NZ made candles are of the highest quality and carefully handcrafted using timeless methods, exquisite fragrances
and only the finest natural ingredients and all natural lead-free cotton wicks, all of which encourage a burn that is pure and intensely fragrant.
This season we have a bigger glass container, and it has a lid.
This means a longer 60 plus hour burn time, and when your candle is not in use the lid will help to preserve the intensity of the fragrance.
Ah yes, the fragrance. Ask which is our favourite, and each time we'll give you a different answer.
We're so fickle!
One day it's Wild Fig, and the next it's Fresh Cotton. The whimsical scent of Sweet Pea with the warmth of vanilla, and we're waxing lyrical.
Whichever our momentary crush, we are justifiably proud of our beautiful candles, and we know that in some stores you might be asked to pay twice as much for candles such as these.

A beautiful, indulgent treat for yourself or a friend.
The perfect way to unwind after a busy day, and a thank you gift that will be remembered and appreciated.

See all our fragrant delights here...

Lead a Colour-Full Life!
14 February 2013
Lead a Colour-Full Life!

Sydney-based designer, artist & polka-dot queen, Rachel Castle brings much colour & joy into our lives here at Small Acorns. We are so excited and happy to bring the sunshine happy feeling of her CASTLE cushions & bedlinen exclusively to New Zealand for our Small Acorns fans.
After all, the quickest, easiest and most lux way to reinvent, makeover & uplift your room in a heartbeat is to add some colourful textiles.

CASTLE loves nothing better than crisp white bedlinen, mixed with a big pop of colour and pattern. Cottons and velvets, the more the merrier.
CASTLE loves being at home and it loves colour and whimsy.
CASTLE bedlinens always have a little pop of energy without taking themselves too seriously. 

We love to mix our Castle pillowcases. Spots with flowers in the same colour palette, a mix of cotton and velvet, or a total mix of colour and pattern. Choose the look that works for you and start your pillowcase collection around it.
And don't forget a penny round cushion or two...or three. (Believe me, they're quite addictive!)
The cutest little round cushion ever, in ten luscious, go with anything colours.
Perfectly sized to pop onto a dining chair, or add it to your bed or sofa.

A bit of fun is just the CASTLE ticket!

Catch the polka-dot Castle fever here...

Love Struck
4 February 2013
Love Struck

We think Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love.
Our special Valentine biscuits have been made with love, to share the love.
We promise, they taste delicious.

Tell one & all that you love them.
A few ideas for sharing our sweet treats ~
coffee with a friend
morning tea at work
a little surprise in the kid's lunch boxes
afternoon tea with your mum

And of course, any time with your special Valentine.
Yes of course we can deliver on your behalf. Anonymously if you wish.
And instore, we have the sweetest most loved-up selection of Valentine's Day cards, which, come to think of it, could be sent year round.

And if a special, romantic dinner is planned, may we suggest Katie Quinn Davies 'Mini Raspberry & Chocolate Ganache Meringue Kisses'.
Simply divine!

Things We Love...
7 November 2012
Things We Love...

Here at Small Acorns we've had a bit of a girl crush on super stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton for some time, and dream of descending en masse to classes at her school in Sydney.
 (Or hey, big dream, bringing her here to Small Acorns!)
In the interim, there is THE book, and oh yes, indeedy we do love (very much) Megan's fabulous new book Things I Love, which has just arrived in store.

Things I Love offers up a visual feast of the prettiest homes, inspiring people, stylist’s tricks and fun ideas… all delivered with Megan’s infectious
energy and enthusiasm, and not a skerrick of snooty highbrow design nonsense!
The book is divided up into eclectic sections allowing for snippets of inspiration at every page turn.
There is a ‘cut out and keep’ section. Postcards if you like, but they are so much more than that, and not that I will be tearing them from my copy!

Megan inspires by example, sharing her infectious enthusiasm for the houses, people and design she loves. But it's also a book full of practical tips – from how to fold those pesky fitted sheets to how to clean a vintage painting you've picked up at a flea market and when to clean your light bulbs.

Quirky, witty and irreverent, Things I Love will put you in touch with the things you love and teach you how to make sure they fill your home and your life.

Catch Megan talking about her book here, and get your very own copy here...

It's a must have!

Amanda x

Page Turners
11 October 2012
Page Turners

Looking for a little visual inspiration to help hone all those creative ideas playing out in your head?
Head for our fabulous selection of inspirational books.
Then make a coffee, find yourself a comfortable corner and we promise you an adventure based on creative endeavour and interior inspiration.
These are books that will become firm friends fast.
The sort of books that you will pick up time and time again, well-thumbed and much-loved.
Books that you thought you knew so well that they couldn't surprise you, and yet they will, as inspiration strikes in a different way, or for a different room.

The titles that have our hearts beating quickly (only because they're new, and we feel we have been waiting for-EVER for their launch)...

  • Sibella Court's stunning new book BOWERBIRD, which is inspired by a love of collecting and arranging and re-arranging your own collected treasures at home.
  • WHAT KATIE ATE - the eagerly anticipated debut cookbook by the ever so talented Katie Quinn Davies, blogger, food stylist, food photographer and keen home cook. Is there anything this girl can't do? Quite simply, the most beautiful cookbook EVER. Full stop.
  • PAUMES - yes, those quirky, inspirational books published by small Japanese publisher Paumes are back with a vengeance. New titles and old favourites, and a new, lower price. These books are a must-have for interior design and craft lovers, with their gorgeous images and colourful design. The text that accompanies the photographs is in Japanese. As with many aspects of contemporary Japanese design and craft, this is no barrier to the designers, stylists, crafters and home-lovers around the world who seek out these creative "bibles" as a source of inspiration.

See our inspiring style library here, and watch for more exciting additions soon (yes, Megan Morton's new book is on it's way!)

Amanda x

Quick Fix!
26 September 2012
Quick Fix!
We've been talking a bit lately about our top Quick Fixes - the little bits and pieces you can do around your home that make a big impact. We've come up with a series of collectable cards that highlight our top eight faves - from curating your treasured pieces, to adding your own details -  complete with tips and a delicious recipe! 

The cards are available to collect in store, and we'll pop them into your online orders too! It's a fun way for us to share all our tips and tricks and hopefully arm you with some hints on how to give your home a little lift during winter.

And in addition, if you'd like to know more about our favourite Quick Fix ideas, click here for the FREE downloadable transcript of an interview with Amanda about our first three cards. This interview, and our thoughts on design and your home, can also be found on our design services page.

We hope you enjoy it.

Enter Our 2012 Peg Doll Competition...
9 August 2012
Enter Our 2012 Peg Doll Competition...

It's time for our favourite annual Peg Doll Competition. Remember how much fun we all had last year? We had over 300 peg dolls vying for 'top peg'! We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest our gorgeous peg dolls attracted, and we so loved reviving such an age-old craft. And did you know that Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand chose a selection of peg dolls from last year's competition to become part of their permanent collection? These dolls, donated by their young creators, are currently on display on Level 1 of the museum in their own special case.

Now it's time to create your entry for 2012, and we can't wait to see what you come up with! Girls, boys, grown-ups - Show us your peg doll design talents and you could win one of six prizes. 
We'll be displaying all the peg dolls in our window and in store so that everyone gets to see how wonderful they all are.

As you know, we adore peg dolls ourselves, and thought, what better way to get those creative design talents flowing for some fun and creativity. Newspaper, gift wrap, ribbon, tulle, fabric, wool - they all make great clothes, it's up to you. It's easy and it's so much fun. You can pick up peg doll starter kits FREE of charge instore, or you can email us, and we'll post you one. 

There will be two kids winners - an overall winner as judged by our special guest judge, and a 'kids people's choice' as voted by you and our customers. Each of these winners will win Small Acorns Gift Vouchers to the value of $150. There will be 2 runners up prizes, each of $50. This year we've also introduced a category just for boys. The winner of the boys category will win a Small Acorns Gift Voucher to the value of $100.
And there will be one 'grown-up' winner who will also win a Small Acorns Gift Voucher to the value of $150.

And after the competition is over, we're happy to return your creations, providing you send us a stamped addressed envelope with your entry. 

Here's how to enter:
  1. Any peg will do. You'll find wooden pegs fairly easily at places like Spotlight or your local '$2" shop, or we have peg doll starter kits available for you. You can pick these up instore, or we can post one to you, free of charge if you like. Each kit contains your peg 'model', some basic instructions, and a few fabrics. By no means do you have to use these. Be as creative as you like. We're happy to accept entries from all over New Zealand and overseas too.
  2. Or, Email us with your name and a postal address so that we can send you your model peg doll starter kit.
  3. Post or drop your gorgeous creation in to Small Acorns, corner Blair & Wakefield Streets, Wellington on or by Monday 17th September 2012. Make sure you include your name, age and contact details with your entry, and please, give your peg doll a name! 
  4. All entries will be judged on age and creative endeavour, and public voting. For this competition the kids & boys categories are aged 2-14 years. 'Grown-ups' are over 14 years. 
  5. Public voting will commence on our website on Friday 21st September for one week only.
  6. The winners will be announced on Friday 28th September, and will be contacted by phone or email. The judges decision is final. Prizes may not be exchanged.

We want you to think outside the square peg! Call or email us for your FREE starter pack now! Make it work!! Have fun!! Remember all entries must be received by Monday September 17th. We'll see you on the runway...

Free Shipping for the School Holidays!
28 June 2012
Free Shipping for the School Holidays!
Happy Holidays! 

Who doesn't love a good holiday? - we do! So to make your school holidays all the more brighter we have FREE SHIPPING on all online orders being delivered in New Zealand while the school holidays are on!  Yep, that's right Free Shipping in NZ on everything purchased online between June 29th - July 15th. Simply enter the code: cute elephant in the "Promotional Code" box of your online shopping bag, and the normal $10 shipping fee will be deducted from your order, YIPPEE!.

So if you are wanting to stock up on fun goodies for the kids, a treat for yourself, or that special item you have been umming and ahhing about - now's a good time!

And to make the deal a little sweeter - for every $25 you spend we'll pop you in the draw to Win $400 worth of Designers Guild Cushions! 
It can't get any better than that!

Happy Shopping!

ps. the cutie-pie critters in the image above are from our Djeco Stickers collection, you can find the whole Djeco range by clicking here....

Ice Nice Baby - cute and creative cupcakes workshop
12 June 2012
Ice Nice Baby - cute and creative cupcakes workshop
The first in our Winter Workshop Series - and something we all would love to sink our teeth into (literally!)
If you have ever wanted to learn the secrets behind creating the most beautifully decorated cupcakes - now's your chance! 

Join us instore on Wednesday June 27th from 6.30pm until 8pm for 'Ice Nice Baby' ~ a cute & creative cupcake decorating workshop with master icer (and baker) Tanya Hugyecz from Decorada.

Tanya bakes and ices biscuits for Small Acorns which are nothing short of miniature edible works of art. (We think she could just be a little bit crazy, and we mean this in the nicest possible way.) And now it's your chance to learn some of her incredible decorating techniques. Join Tanya and decorate four cupcakes with buttercream and handmake sugar decorations to adorn your cakes. You'll get to take your beautifully decorated cakes home - or you can eat them secretly in the car if temptation is just too great!

Get together with friends and make a night of it.

Our workshops are small. Places are strictly limited. 
All materials & refreshments included.

New Orla Kiely Handbags!
10 April 2012
New Orla Kiely Handbags!
A wonderful new collection of Orla Kiely Handbags has just arrived instore, including the Shadow Stem, Stripy Stem and Square Flower prints as well as the new Tillie Bag, there is truly something everyone will be in love with!

The amazing Shadow Stem print features Orla's signature stem in a bold new shadowed version including perfect tones of mustard yellow, burnt orange, duck egg blue and mushroom on a stunning black background, this print will perfectly compliment just about any wardrobe!

The Stripy Stem adopts a bit of a nautical theme, with tones of blue which are currently so popular, while the Square Flower is sweet and super feminine, available in either pretty Multicolour or subtle Stone colourways.

Amongst the usual stable of perfectly designed Handbags, Slings and Wallets are a few great new designs including the Weekend Bag, Book Bag, Tillie Bag and Sparrow Bag.

The Small Acorns team are currently negotiating who 'needs' which bag the most, so best get in quick before we snap them all up ourselves! As usual Orla Kiely handbags are sold exclusively within New Zealand by Small Acorns and each design is in strictly limited supply.

Hot Cross Buns & Free Shipping!
3 April 2012
Hot Cross Buns & Free Shipping!
Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter! Our Wellington store will be open shorter hours over this lovely long weekend, we're taking a little break too! YAY!

Our Easter weekend hours are:
Closed Good Friday
Open normal hours Saturday (10am -5pm)
Closed Easter Sunday
Open short but sweet hours on Monday (11am -3pm)

So pop on by and say hello on Saturday or Monday, we have lots of new stock and lovely new furniture pieces for you to linger over!

As usual we are open online 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Yep, no holidays for Miss Webster! And, to make your online Easter shopping that little bit sweeter (just in case you haven't already eaten enough hot cross buns and chocolate) we're offering FREE SHIPPING within NZ! Simply enter the code: HOTCROSS in the "Promotional Code" box of your online shopping bag, and the normal $10 shipping fee will be deducted from your order, YIPPEE. We will bundle all your goodies together and have them ready for the courier to collect on Tuesday.

So hop to it! Free shipping for Easter weekend, from now until midnight Monday!

ps. the gorgeous image above is from Maileg, featuring their wonderful bunnies, who you can find by clicking here......

8 February 2012

We thought it might be nice to share a little of the LOVE which is St Valentine. So, we'll be popping one of these sweet and delicious wee heart-shaped biscuity treats FREE into all online orders between now and February 19th.
Can you feel the love?

P.S Need a little treat for all your loves? You can buy these XOXO biscuits instore, and we have the LOVEliest range of cards. And we can be very discreet! xoxo

Orla Kiely's Resort Collection is here!
23 December 2011
Orla Kiely's Resort Collection is here!

Summer just got a little hotter with the arrival of the stunning Orla Kiely resort collection.
Just in time to take away on holiday, juice up your wardrobe with a splash of poppy orange, or play it cool by the pool with graphic charcoal & grey.
This fabulous solid stem print is available in the perennially popular midi sling and the very cute handbag.
And for girls going from work to play to work, perhaps a laptop skin or the new workbag, might just sweeten the day.

To see the stylish new resort collection, click here.

Our FREE online Christmas Magazine
1 December 2011
Our FREE online Christmas Magazine
christmas magazine

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
And because we just can't help ourselves when it comes to celebrating Christmas and the joy of the summer season,
we've had much fun putting together this little online magazine just for you.
Inside you'll find our favourite gift ideas, both to give and receive,
all the know-how you need to make one of the snow globes that have received so much attention instore,
and a few ideas we hope you can take onboard to celebrate the season.
So grab a little of what you fancy, sit back, read our magazine and enjoy!
Merry merries!
Amanda xx

New Season Orla Kiely...
20 October 2011
New Season Orla Kiely...

 The very beautiful new collection of Orla Kiely bags and accessories is now instore, and as usual, it has us oohing and ahhing, and wanting to take everything home.

This season Orla is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds', and her 60's mod aesthetic manages to look fresh and modern, with a vintage twist as only Orla can do.
Beautiful duck egg blues and mossy greens, mixed with chartreuse, chocolate and black.
Or inky navy with red, peacock, chocolate and white.

orla montage

As well as a great selection of Orla Kiely signature laminate bags, we also have a small collection of silk dresses, stunning knitwear, and exquisite silk scarves.

You can see all the new handbags and wallets, including the back by popular demand acorn cup bags, here.

For clothing, knitwear and scarves, take a look here...

New Mae Wall Stickers and Mini Mae!
17 August 2011
New Mae Wall Stickers and Mini Mae!

We adore Mae’s range of repositionable fabric stickers, and now so even more as they have released some wonderful new designs and revamped some of their classics.

Mae’s stickers are made from fabric, making them super sturdy and resilient, and Mae’s secret recipe adhesive is repositionable over and over and over…. you should see how often we move them around instore! Combine this fabric base and awesome adhesive with the most delightful designs and we think Mae’s stickers are the best around!

Mae’s wall stickers are perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to any space, and Mae's mini stickers are perfect for individualising everything, from your laptop, to your notebook, a nook above your desk or even add a cute decal to your phone!

Forest Critters are perfect for keeping babies company…. While Home Sweet Home will add a bit of sweetness to your abode.


Message Tiles will keep everything in order… or could be used for cheeky reminders! Speaking of cheeky, check out these Robots!


Miss Dress Up Doll can help you make your wardrobe decisions in the morning… while the Faraway Circus keeps wee performers amused!


Photo Dots or Butterflies will help you dream of sweet escapes and treasured memories….


Click here to see more wall stickers....

Click here to see the range of Mini Mae stickers....