Pip Woods Ceramics

Pip Woods Ceramics

Wellington artist Pip Woods started pottery lessons while studying psychology at university in her early twenties. 

Although her career took her to working in health services, she always retained her love of clay, and in the last few years has been working as a fulltime ceramicist. 

She makes small collections of sculptural vessels exploring a theme, form or technique. Most pieces are hand built with stoneware and porcelain clays.

A finalist in the Portage Ceramic Awards 2022, Pip's star is on the rise.

"For most of my pieces I use a simple aesthetic with a muted palette. I like to create pieces that sit quietly, and contribute to a sense of calm in the environment. Other pieces I make have a more bold and quirky presence, due to the 'humaness' I aim to embue in the form. Over the years my inspirations have been broad, from ancient vessels, to the natural world,... as well as the anthropomorphised objects in the books of Dr Seuss! "

Pip's beautiful tactile pieces are very sought after, and we are beyond thrilled to present them to you.

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