small acorns interiors

“As a born collector, my interiors incorporate my love of eclectic vintage pieces, contemporary design, beautiful fabrics, and personal treasures, infused with a touch of whimsy and colour.”

I am an interior stylist who believes there is beauty in imperfection.

Who thinks that something chippy and old will add soul to something shiny and new. And that something contemporary and modern will enliven and wake up a vintage interior in much the same way as that first cup of coffee
wakes me up in the morning.

Who appreciates the stories that are inherited with a family treasure are as precious as the beautiful patina it has also acquired over the years.

Who thinks that the simple gesture of some wildly random garden flowers is as beautiful, if not more so, than the grandest floral arrangement.

Who believes that colour can be a whisper or a shout, but its transformative effect on a space cannot be underestimated.

And who believes that an eclectic home, filled over time, with a lovingly curated mix of furniture and textiles and collections, no matter, or perhaps because of, their pedigree, origin, or dollar value, is the pinnacle of perfectly imperfect living.

At Small Acorns we don't subscribe to the 'one size fits all' theory when it comes to interior design. For starters, we're all different, and our homes should not look like something out of a catalogue. Likewise, though we are most certainly aware of trends, we don't necessarily follow them.

We offer design solutions to make your house into a beautiful home. Unique, modern, stylish solutions for the way we live today. And all incorporating the inspiring design aesthetic of Designers Guild fabrics, textiles and wallpapers.

Our expertise when it comes to Designers Guild is second to none and our ability to translate the inspirational look, that is so uniquely DG, into any lifestyle, and any budget, is why we are renowned as New Zealand's Designers Guild experts.

Whether it's one room or a whole house, one cushion or made-to-measure curtaining or blinds, a new sofa, or recovering an old piece, we offer personal and individual decorating solutions that will reflect your style, and ensure that your home is beautiful, comfortable and inspirational to live in.

A home that gets your heart skipping. Together, we work with a small team of hand-picked professional sewers, craftsmen and upholsterers who understand the level of expertise and service we demand. We're alongside them every step of the way to ensure that together we deliver the exceptional interior design service we promise.

Whatever your needs, our team eat, live and breathe all things interior. So if you want just a little guidance or a lot, we'll be happy to obsess over someone else's home for a change!

To make an appointment or for more information about our design services, please contact us on +64 4 8025795 or by email 

Outside of Wellington and districts? We can still help, so please call!

We look forward to working with you!