Scented Candles For Autumn

Scented Candles For Autumn

As the days grow shorter, and home becomes a cosy sanctuary, the fragrance of a beautiful scented candle adds warmth and ambience to your home.

Fragrance notes like amber and fig, spicy tones and the richness of leather are alluring and warm, compelling, sophisticated and addictive.

Here are some of our favourite scented candles to transform your home with a warm and comforting aroma. These are candles inspired by a crackling fire, a brisk walk in the autumn sunshine, hot chocolate, and toasted marshmallows, old-school manners and new-world sophistication.

Candle Notes ~

The first time you light a scented candle, let it burn for at least two or three hours until it melts the wax all the way to the perimeter of the vessel. This will help the candle burn uniformly and prevent tunnelling in the centre, allowing you to get the greatest burn time. If you can, avoid blowing out the candle, and instead use a candle snuffer or place the lid on the candle if it has one. Trim the wick between each usage to obtain a length of 3 to 5 mm. Reposition the candle wick after blowing out the candle, while the wax is still soft. Never place a lit candle in a draught.

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